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Souls touch

Last week after a coaching session a beautiful moment happened. The client hesitated just before we hung up. She said, I want to say I love you Lynda. I hesitated . But in that moment and in that time, I also wanted to say I love you. So, we did.

I reflected on that moment this past weekend. As I unconsciously surrender to each moment to create that sacred space for transformation, l realize now my heart is wide open. On a conscious level as a coach yes I’m curious, yes, I ask questions, yes, l suggest visualizations, l notice emotional frequencies that are in the space ,with the intention of lighting the path back to the client. But, what l learned with this client is the act of witnessing such courage, such integrity, such raw honesty and vulnerability is what moves my soul. In that moment in that time my heart is wide open at the same time is her heart is wide open.

What I’ve learned so far in my life is that when two hearts are wide open souls touch ever so gently and yes, the emotional frequency of love is palpable and present. It’s such an honour and a privilege to sit with each and every client that comes toward me. I am so very grateful .

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