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Angels are among us

We are the creatives, the wild warriors, the old souls, the healers, the intuitive ones, the sovereign ones that signed up to guide with light and love. Two years ago, l called together a small group of brilliant women to connect throughout the pandemic. We shared research, educated ourselves, discussed our concerns, all the while supporting each other with unconditional, nonjudgmental love. “Angels among us” is a series of paintings that symbolizes HOPE. Empathy, compassion, and love includes ALL people and is the ONLY path forward.

“When l despair, l remember, that all through history the way of truth and love have always won”. Mahatma Gandhi

INTENTION: Painting imbues my soul with a sense of calm. Viewing it afterwards also calms me. I invite you to look, to feel, to imagine, for a moment, letting the moment hover for much, much, more than a moment. Notice, when you tap into your own creative spirit, the frequency of pure joy, hope and love, buoys you up so you can see and design your own path to health. Creativity is a foundational cornerstone to health.

Love Lynda

Art Cards available 5x7 $5 each or package 6 $20.

Please email me to order

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