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Open your Heart MOsaic workshop

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”

We came together,

We made art in the beautiful, quiet, forest setting at Goward house.

Introduction to the Open your HeART mosaic workshop...

Living with fear or in fear is a horrible feeling. It makes us constantly look around the corner for something bad to happen. It triggers the fight flight and freeze response we are all so familiar with. Our imagination kicks in WE GO INTO the well-known known defence mechanism of PROJECTION. We invent catastrophic situations that are far worse than what is in the here and now.

The hormones of stress play havoc on our bodies.

1.Adrenalin alone increases our heart rate, respiratory rate and suppresses our digestion.

2.Cortisol puts our immune system down for more than 6 hours. The well-known, Ram Dass suggests there are two modes we choose. We either choose to live in fear or what he calls ‘the illusion’ or you choose to switch the program, live in the HERE AND NOW focusing on creativity.

FEAR shuts down your RIGHT brain which is your creative side then shifts to the EGO MIND. When we are driven by EGO, we tap into past computer programs created from (fearful or traumatic experiences) driven by different parts of ourselves: wounded child, the doubter, the harsh critic, the rebellious teenager etc.

LOVE OPENS UP YOUR HEART telling your MIND the heart is running the show giving us access to our intuition, our wise self, and our Empowered spiritual adult self. Today you can choose…to be in here now. We’re all safe with a beautiful setting at Goward house. We are together connecting, and we’re engaged in the creative process which is simply making something that was never there before.

No fancy skills required. We all have a right brain. Today you can settle in knowing that you will walk away with a heart no matter what happens. The meditative process of creativity will bring you into that calm parasympathetic nervous system response which opens us to the possible. The act of choosing COLOR, putting pieces together, listening to music,sipping coffee is magic. No agenda just taking the time to care for yourself first.

Just notice when we create the left dominant mind kicks in, and the two archetypes show up.

1.HARSH CRITIC: what are you doing? you could be doing something more productive... OMG their heart is so much better than mine ...l am not getting this....

2.THE DOUBTER: you’re not creative… you never been artistic...what are you doing here?

The world of imagination is boundless. Using the imagination for good.

5 minute miracle meditation

Yes, everyone walked away with a beautiful heart to remind us that creativity is a vital social determinant of health. Taking care of Self first is critical.

Love Lynda

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