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About ME

I started coaching in 2008 as a creativity coach.  The process opened me up to consider all kinds of possibilities.  I became addicted to learning about creativity, integrative holistic health and change.  So, I enrolled in the co-active coaching program followed by the Great story leadership program years later.  Coaching has changed my Life. 


I believe coaching is a fantastic process that fits with anyone who has that nagging feeling that there is something more than what they are experiencing in life.  They have started to notice patterns that are not serving them and they want to reinvent themselves. 


I love working with people who are committed to the process and excited to make a BIGGER IMPACT.   

I invite you to contact me by clicking MORE-contact button. 


"Coaching helped me create a brand new school with a new idea...helped me realize I can do it"

Bonnie Davidson

Education Consultant
Founder, Victoria Nature School Society

My practice is  “the craft of questions, the craft of stories, the craft of the hands—all these are the making of something, and that something is SOUL” (p.13).   Yes, soul work!

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of the book, Women who run with the Wolves.

Clients I have worked with

I work with a broad spectrum of clients.  I coach mostly women who are fun, creative, inspiring and are trail blazers in life.  I coach people who know that there is more than what they are experiencing in life.   I have coached visual and performing artists, and writers.  I also coach people finding their way through transitions including: extreme grief, health challenges such as cancer or depression, people looking for what is next, students who are alternative learners making their way through university systems with traditional teaching methodology.   In a nutshell, l coach leaders.

What informs my coaching practice

In addition to being a certified professional coach l passionately believe in integrated health care.  I have in the past l taught nursing in  higher education and absolutely love connecting with students.   I am a graphic facilitator, social artist and the past founder of I have presented on a national and international level on topics such as relational practice, coaching and creativity.


My philosophy

My philosophy as a life coach  is grounded in health promotion.  I believe with all my heart that people are the experts of their own experience.  To effectively address their personal life challenges, I guide clients to their own answers by deeply listening to what they want and value .  By asking powerful questions using co-active coaching principles as well as the great story framework as a spiritual philosophy to make meaning of their experience.   l graphically illustrate each session on my white board in my studio so people have a clearer understanding of their thoughts, beliefs, stories and emotions so they can make informed choices. 


Different approaches

I also co-create different coaching techniques and collaboratively design commitments to keep clients moving forward.  I work with clients with compassion and understanding by building on their strengths so they can attain the personal growth they are committed to achieving and DESERVE.  I passionately believe that coaching is a process that unlocks human potential and it changes the world. 


I am a professional certified coach

I am a Certified Creativity coach (KMCC) and a  Professional Co-Active Coach® (CPCC), accredited by International Coach Federation, and received my education at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).  "CTI has trained over 35,000 Co-Active coaches worldwide and today trains more new coaches each year than any other training program. It is an international program that is known for the world’s most rigorous and well-respected coaching faculty in the industry" (CTI website ).


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