My overall intention is to reach as many committed people as I can.  I use the creative process of coaching to light up the path back to yourself, reigniting your innate ability to LEARN-HEAL-CREATE AND LEAD. 

I believe people who come to coaching are change agents.  By doing their own inner work they release and radiate the energy needed  to cause ripples of change that will eventually heal our planet.

I am an Integrative Health coach. My background as a registered nurse, an educator, a visual artist and an academic strategist continuously inform my coaching practice. I use the principles of Co-active coaching and Kaizen Muse Creativity coaching with the philosophy from the Lucid Living Great story program to facilitate deep transformational change.  Clients come toward me when they start noticing thoughts/stories or circumstances that make them feel badly and are wanting to shift their perspective.   People seek me out because they are yearning to make a difference, as a mother, partner, learner, healer or creator.  They want to tap into their authentic way or being and still maintain a healthy balance. 

I have created a new program focusing on a group of liked minded people.  This year January 2019 I am very excited to be offering for the second time Being a Trauma Informed Leader Program  .  The program will be combining: 1. A home study component (PDFs readings,youtubes and audio links stored on a internet platform 2. 1:1 Coaching  3. Group contemplative work/support- face to face and/or conference style online group coaching. 


I  also offer 1:1 coaching in person or on the phone using a graphic facilitative approach. 

If you feel you are stuck in one perspective?  OR you facing a transition but, just can't seem to see the forest for the trees? OR, you need a little nudge to get those creative juices flowing? The creative process of coaching will open up your perspective and expand your understanding of the word impossible. 

Coaching will help you THINK about...the what ifs... tap into your innate ability to heal

What if there were no restrictions and you could live your

dream? What would it be?  What would your new life look like?  

As a coach my goal is to see YOU and your creative gifts, hear YOU and your story. I will open up a safe space to imagineto dream and to create what is possible.  I will help you see, what is standing in your way to becoming and BEING the best you can be, stretching and reaching for a bigger life. Living the impossible.

If you're yearning to be part of the evoluational shift away from Trump like leadership and want to contribute to planetary healing coaching is for you. 
Your soul is calling you forth. Polish up that warrior within. Move.   

Contact me today for a coaching discovery session (see services and pricing). Live your life.  Say yes, to YOU.  I invite you to email me now [email protected] .


Lynda McLeod  RN, BScN MALT CPCC


 Lucid Living Great Story Leadership program• 2017-2018•Tiburan•Ca

Certified Professional Co-active coach (CPCC) • 2010-2012•Vancouver• BC

Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching program2014 Online course

MASTER’S IN LEADERSHIP • 2000 • Royal Roads•Victoria•BC

BScN•1996 • Ryerson  University • Toronto•Ontario

Diploma•1979•Ryerson  University • Toronto•Ontario

Leadership and Service work

The ‘Being’ a Trauma Informed Leader Coaching Circle-2018

The HeART project-Art show fundraiser for Dandelion society-2018

Authentic Leadership program-2017

The Peel Art show- Fund raiser for Peel river in the Yukon-2017

Women Firestarters -Creativity  program-2016

Curriculum Design Creativity & Health course  Camosun College-2014

Curriculum Design Creativity & Higher education SFU-2013

Founder of ArtbyNurses (not for profit) -multiple art shows 1st@ RJH  2007-2016