I came to coaching in deep despair. The process proved to be a meaningful way of moving through the back-and-forth of emotions embedded in the experience of losing loved ones and dealing with many of life's transitions. Emotions had entangled themselves with self-defeating thoughts that kept me in a place of despair. Lynda helped me to gain the traction necessary to, once again, embrace challenges and move forward with new understanding of myself and my journey.

Unsigned testimonial

The process of being coached has been transformational in my life. When I began coaching with Lynda, my big quest was to feel peace and contentment in my life. Through my conversations with Lynda, I began to explore where my true values lay and began to identify the unconscious processes that were standing in the way.  I feel more joy in my life, and I feel more confident in my ability to make decisions that are based on the values that I hold. I feel present and intentional in my life.

 Through the exploration that I have undertaken with Lynda, I have a deeper understanding of who I am. This knowledge has been invaluable to me. The biggest surprise about coaching is the spiritual journey it has taken me on. It has sparked a deep curiosity about what it means to be human and how we are inextricably connected to others around us.

As a coach, Lynda is compassionate, curious, intuitive, and exceptional at empowering others to discover and embrace their true selves. Lynda brings a vibrant, loving, and fun energy to coaching, utilizing her innate gifts to support clients in creating new possibilities.

Kim Summers

Lynda is a brave and powerful coach that isn't afraid to follow you into serious or unpleasant territory, supporting you and championing you the entire way.  She has a strong but soft approach that makes you trust her deeply, and feel protected and safe to bring any topic to the coaching.  Her professionalism, blended with her deep caring for her clients, makes Lynda a powerful catalyst for change and transformation.  Thank you for the work we did together Lynda! 

Amy Wahbe

I had the pleasure of being coached by Lynda Mcleod for six months during a particularly stressful time in my personal and professional life. Lynda skilfully created a dynamic and comfortable atmosphere of trust and respect, where she helped me to explore many complex situations. I felt very supported by her coaching which enabled me to take steps to resolving strained or conflicted relationships. Lynda's excellent communication skills coupled with her creativity allowed me to remove certain obstacles, providing a new lens/perspective with which to tackle my problems. When I finished my coaching sessions, I missed our time together, but the skills I gained from Lynda have undoubtedly enhanced my ability to deal with conflict more effectively.
Hannah Ashwood-Smith

Lynda is...Creative, Passionate, Warm, Curious, Responsive, Joyful, Artistic, Genuine, Courageous, Authentic.
I am in awe at the journey Lynda leads me on in each coaching session, she brings  awareness to the resources and resilience's that reside in me.
Lynda inspires clarity, vision, purpose, momentum, truly an outstanding Life Coach.
Warmly, Katrina Chappel

Every time I am coached by Lynda in person or on the phone I leave with a clear focused mind, ready to change the world. Lynda, you have such a gift and I
feel blessed to have you as my personal life coach. You have helped me find the confidence to 'be the change'! Thank you with all my heart.
Bonnie Davison
Founder/Director, Victoria Nature School
Founder, Singing English Education Workshops


Lynda approaches our sessions with a sparkle that is highly encouraging for me to Live Big. This is particularly important as my world is diminished substantially by personal tragedy, and I want this journey to be soulful and transformative.  By way of understanding and compassion Lynda offers me a safety zone where I am supported to expand and direct my path to one that is in aligns with my true self.  Lynda has a special gift of posing insightful questions that empower me to dig deep within and extract the essence of those truly meaningful ‘aha, I get it now’ moments.  I am impressed with her strong ability to create the space for brainstorming and visualization (and fun!).  I leave our sessions uplifted, with a smile, and ready to take action & next steps towards reaching out towards my true potential. You are a beacon of hope and inspiration Lynda –I thank you and look forward to our continued success!  

Cathy Nilson 

Lynda our coaching sessions are ALWAYS a pleasure. You listen hard and I feel heard; you have a way of being bang on with your suggested exercises/visualizations/imageries that takes me further. After each sessions I see things more clearly and it supports me to move forward.
You challenge me in a respectful and gentle way, this has made me feel better about myself.
Thank you for following your own passions and inspire others along the way!
Martine L.


Before coaching I felt like my eyes were closed. I could not see what I really wanted in life and I felt un-fulfilled.  Lynda enabled me to explore my desires and identify my life dreams. Now I am making those dreams a reality and Lynda continues to coach me on my journey. 

Michele Wagner

Before starting coaching I wasn't sure how useful the coaching would be in helping me achieve my goals.  Like anyone else I didn't want to waste money on something that wasn't fruitful.  In the very first session that I had with Lynda I was uncovering things that resulted in very positive changes in my daily life which I continue to benefit from today. I was contemplating a change in career and what direction to take with my career.

Lynda is so intuitive and such a good listener.  She noticed things in my body language and in how I framed things when I told them to her.  When she simply shared what she noticed in the way I told her things it helped me understand so much about myself.  I went to her with one agenda but uncovered other issues that needed my attention.  With her guidance I was able to address and mend these other issues with relative ease.

I enjoy when Lynda paraphrases what I have told her.  She is rephrasing my own words but in such a way that I am able to understand myself or my situation more clearly. I also appreciate the homework that we create for me to do.  Having a tangible thing to do helps me to take action, make change, and translate understandings from our sessions into daily life. 

I have enjoyed more peace within myself, a stronger more open and more loving relationship with my husband and emotional healing from a miscarriage. 

I have already recommended Lynda to several of my friends, when I do I tell them that I went to you in the hopes of being able to reimagine possibilities for myself and my career.  I tell them about the way you are able to notice my body language and the way I frame things when I tell them to you.  I tell them how you helped me realize things about myself through my own words.




I had always wanted to open up a small wellness studio and could never seem to make that dream a reality. I felt like I was on the right runway but could not manage the take off. Lynda gave me flight!

Lynda helped me to focus on my vision, be clear and true to my values and beliefs, and set realistic goals. But most of all Lynda helped me to believe in myself.

Lynda listened, challenged, clarified, supported and always cared. She even gave me homework.  I loved it.  

Lynda is a superb coach. She is delightful, energetic, skilled in all the right places and hugely fun.

Thank you Lynda!

Patti Gauchie