Services & Pricing

Services & Pricing

Coaching 1:1 

Integrative Health coaching is the NEW HEALTH CARE

I provide transformational learning to heal and then LEAD

My background as an RN for over 35 years, transformational educator,  masters in Leadership and social artist informs my practice as a integrative health coach.  I provide deep inner work by first connecting with the client and listening beyond the words or the story.  I access my creativity and intuition to design the approach within the co-active coaching principles that will uncover blocks.

  • People come toward me that want DEEP change they are tired of the same patterns showing up.
  • People come toward me that are struggling with a health challenge or learning challenge that has stopped them in their tracks making them feel immobilized.
  • People come toward me that are experiencing that overwhelming feeling of being stuck sealing off your own creative resources when they know they are meant to LEAD
  • People come to coaching to address a niggling feeling inside that LIFE is MORE THAN what they are getting OR they believe that they can impact their healing and learning by becoming more self-awareness.

I bring the following personal qualites to my work:

Undying commitment to my own inner work to ensure l am fully present for you
My passion to serve your journey

my passion for creativity and learning more and more about health and wellness

I have an incredible sense of humor

I deeply care and are committed to my clients

I am a fierce advocate for people‘s freedom and empowerment

I am an insatiable learner  and learn about things that really make a difference in peoples lives

I am deeply curious about this world and how together we can help and support each other to stop the suffering that is created in our heads

Rate for 2018 $300-$350 a month for 2 sessions OR $175- $190 for one session 

Rate for 2019 $400 a month for 2 sessions OR $200 for one session 


One time coaching       $200

3 sessions                     $525

6 Sessions                    $900


Sliding scale for Students and Nursing students:

Academic strategy work/coaching to find out how to learn

I believe it is critical time for registered nurses to expand their role and promote the value of the integrative health model of health and wellness.  Therefore, I support registered nursing students who are interested in inner work while in school by providing coaching at a sliding scale rate. I reserve three spots a semester for academic strategy work for students that are motivated and commited to doing inner work. 

Coaching services include the following:

1. Graphic facilitation:

I use graphic facilitation to underscore thoughts, connect ideas and highlight stories expressed by the client during their coaching session.   Clients have told me that seeing their thoughts visually and  illustrated deepens the process leading to ahh moments of clarity during the session.  Graphic facilitation works well for visual learners it is also supported by the current brain research affirming that writing down thoughts helps learning. 

2. Follow-up coaching notes:

I send a concise summary of the coaching session to the client in a qualitative like format, theming thoughts and ideas to be presented to the client for further reflection between coaching sessions.  Again, this fits with the current research onn learning.

3. Lynda’s Links

As part of the coaching process l send out emails to my clients sharing what I am reading on the following concepts: creativity, holistic health, learning, neurophysiology and great story coaching. 

4. Coaching Circles:

In the past,  l facilitated a monthly coaching circle for the folks that have taken the Women FIrestarter program or the Lucid living homestudy program. We met to discuss different research articles on coaching and to practice some of the coaching skills learned in the group. I am faciliating a program called Being a Trauma Informed Leader program for a select group of coaching clients (12) that want to be part of a group called Becoming a Tribe (BAT).  I will be offering this program again in Jaunary 2019. 

As a Integrative Holistic Health coach, I specialize in the following areas:

Integrative approaches to health and wellbeing.  I have been a registered nurse and a nurse educator for over 35 years.  I strongly believe the nursing profession can expand their visibility in health care by promoting the value of an integrative model of health and wellness.    I use a variety of integrative health tools that will help you discover what you want to focus on and how you can take control of your health.  If you are interested in coaching plus teaching we can design your session accordingly.

Creativity: As a visual portrait artist, I have a particular interest in tapping into the creative side to foster whole brain thinking. Again, if you are interested in coaching plus learning more about creativity, we can design your session accordingly.

Leadership: My experience at Royal Roads achieving a Masters in Leadership has given me a powerful insight into clear leadership. Whether you are in a leadership position or choose to lead from where you stand, coaching will unlock your gifts.  Again, if you are interested in coaching plus learning more about leadership we can design your session accordingly. 

Great story coaching: I am a Lucid Living Great story coaching graduate.  This brilliant program gives my coaching more depth and insight to the stories that hold clients back.  By doing this inner work myself combined with a new set of skills and tools l am able to coach people at a deeper level of understanding.

Authentic Leadership-Reclaim your Great story.

My promise to you as your coach...

MY ROLE is to serve you, not to please you, and say things that will make you like me. My job is to hear you and challenge the way you see the world. I will use powerful questions to expand your view and heighten your senses so that you can step into what you really want. I will be authentic, honest and real and will not hold back.  I expect the same from you. I have a coach to continue my inner work so that I can be truly present with you each and every coaching session. See see Group agreements 2019

I truly believe you are creative,  resourceful, and whole the answers are within you.